The Equicizer

Sir George, our Equicizer, is a mechanical horse that simulates riding and has proven invaluable in introducing new participants to horses. We introduce all participants to Sir George, demonstrating and then practicing how to approach, groom and move around a horse safely. As each horse and rider require appropriate tack, we are able to try out different saddles, as well as practice mounting and dismounting techniques easily. This approach helps build confidence by reducing fear and anxiety while learning new skills. All riders can benefit from extra “mounted time” for increasing core strength, balance and coordination.

Sir George is also an asset for training new volunteers, horse leaders and side walkers, who assist in maintaining the safety of our riders while promoting their maximum level of independence. When traditional mounting or dismounting is not possible for a particular rider, volunteers can also practice alternate techniques so that they get a feel for what a rider experiences first hand.

The Equicizer in action!