Why Stride?

Our instructors are certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH). PATH is committed to safe, ethical and professional equine assisted therapy., and have years of experience in therapeutic riding. STRIDE instructors consult with licensed medical providers to insure safety and maximum therapeutic value for each participant.

Questions you should ask a therapeutic riding facility.

  • Does every rider wear approved, protective headgear?
  • Are the horses quiet, sensible and a match for their rider?
  • Are the instructors certified as therapeutic riding instructors and by what agency?
  • Are the activities safe and do they provide challenging goals in a setting that is positive and encouraging?
  • Is the environment safe and free of hazards, with a closed arena and safe fencing and footing?
  • Are the volunteers well trained and enthusiastic? How does one qualify to become a volunteer?
  • Is an adult trained in first aid and CPR on the site?
  • Is the tack used in good condition and suitable for the rider’s needs?
  • Are there well defined emergency procedures? This includes a telephone or cell phone readily available.
  • What other professionals help with the program? Is there a therapist present or available for evaluations and consultations?

Frequently asked questions about the program. (FAQ)

  • How long has the program been in existence?
  • How is the program governed? If it is run by a Board of Directors, what is their involvement in the program and what are their contributions? Is it run by a school, university, community service organization or camp?
  • Does the program have insurance? What type and who is covered?
  • How are volunteers recruited and how are they trained?
  • How are the horses chosen and what special training do they receive?
  • Does the program have written policies and procedures regarding all operational aspects?

Remember, it is the people involved in the program that determines its’ quality and safety. Take the opportunity meet the staff, observe classes and even volunteer your time. By following the above guidelines, you will be able to effectively choose a safe and beneficial therapeutic riding program.

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Evaluating a riding program